The island of magic and love. Koh Phangan with its crystal clear waters, untouched nature, unique beaches, holistic activities, great food and vast international community becoming a safe and beautiful home for people from all around the world.

Cookies Salad Resort got a unique first row view to the one of the most astonishing bays – Haad Salad.

Most of our rooms overlook the blue waters, it takes only few steps down the hill to the beach.

Our guests say it feels like Bali in Cookies.
We do try to create this authentic tropical laid back vibe.
Bali style is actually what the owner of the resort Aom (Kwonrudee Punjaburee) was inspired by while creating the interiors and overall feeling to Cookies Salad Resort.
Meet our lovely owner Aom with her son Jai.
Aom family were the first wave hoteliers on the island and reserved the sweetest spot on the hill of gorgeous Haad Salad Bay. Thats why Cookies Resort has over 15 years history.
People kept coming back here every year to stay only here. Why?
Aom – Kwonrudee Punjaburee – likes to call Cookies Resort – home and make a family, cozy, caring and warm atmosphere for the guests, that she also calls family. And it does feel like that!
She just renovated all the 30 houses, creating a different interior in each room. You could literally feel the good vibe in every room, cuz she put all her love and amazing taste handpicking the furniture, fabrics and accessories, so you won’t find two similar houses in Cookies.
It doesn’t really feel like a hotel, more like a happy (and very stylish) village full of nice friendly people

We’re very proud and confident of our dream view restaurant with amazing choice of thai and western food.

So it doesn’t hurt to share a list of other great places to eat on the island – save this post and tag people living or visiting Koh Phangan.

– Locco’s – Italian food, great vibe, live music and salsa dances

– L’Alcove – a must go ‘date’ spot, with French cuisine, live music, book in advance, always packed at nights

– Karma café – vegan deliciousness, try Quesadillia  you ll be hooked forever

– Indigo – most visited coffee shop, addictive bakery, coworking and a local community meeting point

– Bluerama – breathtaking hilltop view, highlife stylish parties and even morning yoga

– WhatsCup – fun and hip breakfast and lunch in Haad Salad overlooking the ocean

– Capara – Israeli food, Yaffo vibe, coworking

– Friendship concept – superb vibe, plant based meat menu, great events, kinda unique.

– Dots Café – Coffee shop/coworking in Thong Sala –

– Chana Masala – fancy Indian Food restaurant in the heart of Sri Tanu

– Satipot – unique persian menu, must go, oriental vibe, book in advance

– Bubba’s Café – one of the first Bali hipster breakfast places where the hip crowd like to hang out and work

– Orion – famous island retreat and healthy vegan restaurant on the ocean with serene atmosphere

– TomorrowX Highlife – another stunning view restaurant, looking over Haad Salad bay

– Taboon – Oriental food, one of the Sri Tanu people favourites

– Carrot Café – Russian café that not only Russians go to, great choice of healthy food, AC’d space and community gathering

That’s barely a comprehensive list of all the great spots to go out on the island – something to begin with.

Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.

Best played on the beach

Yoga shala at Cookies Salad Resort is now available for private or group classes.

Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.

The island is famous for its healing spiritual powers, that’s why it has so many retreats and attracts healthy lifestyle lovers from all around the world.

But why going anywhere else when you can have practice just a few steps from the door.

Isn’t it the cutest co-working space you’ve seen?
Especially with an AC and sea view and a pool you can jump in just 3 steps away.
We know its hard to concentrate and get to work mood in the tropical paradise!!
A workday at home or driving around the island, exploring beaches, parties, spiritual gatherings – can pass in a blur, with minimal structure and without a commute to separate life from work responsibilities.
Coworking space offer structure to your day, providing a place to arrive every morning and leave once the work is done, Cookies coworking bright space though does it all preserving the tropical vibe and gives uplifting feel to any work process.